Dutch Hack Scene

I explored the Dutch Hacker Scene in the past months and came up with these main articles that can help a person on the way who wants to get into this scene.   Definition of a Hacker Jargon file Important Hacker terms & Slang Hack examples Handy & Cool links Hippies from Hell   Individual […]

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Individual interviews

Beanow location: his house organization: Occupy, anonymous joostvb location: Berlijn Cafe Tilburg organization: Debian eFeline:  14 February 2017 (coming up) location: KPN Corporate Market bv. organization: Hippies From Hell Carmin Karasic: February 2017 (coming up) location: Eindhoven organization: FloodNet Beanow Beanow is a young programmer with strong ideals. After the end of his recent workplace: […]

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For Hacking the upcoming year in combination with my recent work I made these steps plan for next year: THEORETICAL During my research fase I learned that research is an ongoing process and that you should eliminated some ends of the research to not get overblown with information. I chose the part of my research […]

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Hack events in Holland

Hackon https://hackon.nl SHA2017 A place a Hackers conference camp where  a lot of people gathering to share knowledge and new technological enhancements it is also a great place to check out what’s happening on the technological world today and network with people embedded in this world. This festival pop up every 4 years with a […]

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Hippies From Hell

The #hfh is a Dutch hacking organization that exists from 1988 till now. They have been most active from 1989 till 1993. In 1980 they released a magazine called Hack-tic. Rop Gonggrijp got inspired by the German hack magazine (CCC) magazine: Datenschleuder. The content of the  Hack-tik was all these tips and tricks like: How […]

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Handy and cool links

Handy & Cool  links: The Jargon File: http://www.catb.org/jargon/ Huge hack con held in the USA. https://www.defcon.org/ http://www.ee.ryerson.ca:8080/~elf/hack/index.html This link included a guide on how to become a hacker: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html http://www.acme.com/ http://www-cs-staff.stanford.edu/~knuth/ An alternative news website: http://disinfo.com/ An activistic art collective: http://www.annoy.com/ A database with a lot of hack related guides https://www.hackers-arise.com/single-post/A40E068B-DA80-4060-9F5F-A572B710B7E2 Hacker Antropologist Book by […]

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Definition of a Hacker

A hacker is someone who uses an object with a different function than originally chosen. A hacker finds creative solutions for problem solving. Dealing freely with given instructions and trying to set it to your own hand. A person who wants to actively contribute to better solutions and development of technology and not technological. There […]

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