For Hacking the upcoming year in combination with my recent work I made these steps plan for next year:


During my research fase I learned that research is an ongoing process and that you should eliminated some ends of the research to not get overblown with information. I chose the part of my research that I wanted to give more depth. The Dutch Hacker Scene.

My research style is a bit in the style of an anthropologists since meeting individuals and not necessarily researching the bigger picture. (But I will do my best) So the first part of my hacking course will be a theoretical one.


The research was the first step to obtain the information needed to get in contact with this scene. This phase will be all about meeting and contacting people in the scene. After meeting two hackers, they gave me a lot of new information and keep me updated on upcoming events. This helps me to get into these circles even more. I already subscribed to different mailing lists and will go to as many events as possible to learn and meet people active in this scene.


I will use my obtained knowledge about digital hacking with the things I already master: Singing, Composing, Animation and will do different projects to use these skills in a new and original way.

Since I did a lot of research about: computers, programming, hacking and used terms and phrases in the Technical world, it will be easier for me to connect and understand the people I will meet, without feeling too stupid for not understanding term names.

I will take my art portfolio with me to meetings and looking to see if there are people with a technological background who want to do collaborative work with me.

Write rules and goals together on our workways

After I found some collaborators  we can work out together a productive and workable method for our projects.


After gathering information and people around we can find some middle ground in our different expertises.

My plan is to do different Collabs with Hackers to combine Animation and (digital) Hacking together. I will put my obtained knowledge about the topic to practice, and do different projects with people from different backgrounds, to completely undergo the process of a hack, the eventual failures, the eventual happy little accidents etc. And I will document it all.

Also the projects that have not been successful I will document and reflect on for later projects.

The most successful outcome for me would be learning a lot about collaboration and combining and experimenting between different Techniques and Media.

Getting to know different work methods you can use, how to have an effective colab and how to keep it fun!



I should show a focussed process towards working autonomously where I make logical choices in the concepting phase towards a product. Every decision I make should be based on previous action. So if I for instance start a project that is about psychological illness I will stay on that topic exploring ways in this theme.

I will use clear symbols and metaphors that will clearly communicate my work.


I will make sure that the in the collab I will be open to the possibility of going on a work way that is new to me without planning too much individually in advance, I will make sure that the other person I’m working with has enough space to decide together what the best work process will be.


Before I did Hacking all my projects have an overlap, I always want to make something that’s personal and takes risks. I’m not a fan of “Mooi-makers” and rather make something that I think is important to make. I rather speak to the “gekkies” then try to make something likeable for everyone.

In my process I will take time to stand still and focus on what I want to learn this period of collab and how I will learn that practically also, why I want to learn specific skills, what is my goal later on? How will this combine or add to my Major Animation.  Learning wise this project will mainly focus on combining different media together, just like combining Animation and Hacking together.


I will write report on all the step I take and will evaluate my work and ask the person I worked with to give me feedback on what I could do better and the things that went well, that I should explore further.

The last months I mainly did a lot of theoretical research and for the next year I want more visual exploration on my research, I want to make more work during the process.

I put focus as a loose paragraph because this had been my biggest obstacle during my whole time at the WdKA and I hope in the future I will be able to get this part more in check.

Definition of hacking:



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