Hack events in Holland





A place a Hackers conference camp where  a lot of people gathering to share knowledge and new technological enhancements it is also a great place to check out what’s happening on the technological world today and network with people embedded in this world. This festival pop up every 4 years with a different name. These are the oldest and the newest poster for the event:

The first edition of the festival was in 1989 in Paradiso under the name: Galactic Hacker Party.

The first edition of the festival was in 1989 in Paradiso under the name: Galactic Hacker Party.

All editions:

Galactic Hacker Party (GHP)                                     1989

Hacking till the End of the Universe (HEU)         1993

Hacking In Progress (HIP)                                         1997

Hackers At Large (HAL)                                             2003

Hacking At Random (HAR)                                       2009

What the Hack (WTH)                                                2005

Observe. Hack. Make. (OHM)                                   2013

Dutch Hackerspaces

On the website http://hackerspaces.nl you get a clear view on all hackersspaces situated in Holland. On this handy page it also shows a live update on which ones are open at the moment.



Is a non-profit  organization set up in 2010 to build a platform for people to merge creativity, technology and art. There are many annual events and it is open for everyone not just people who can already program.

Which kind of events are organized?

Free Python 7 course

A small course on learning the language Python version 3.

Linux open days

An event for all your Linux questions, if you just started out with Linux and you want to know more about it, you are free to join the Linux Open days.

Visiting the Crypto-museum

Looking at all different cipher machines and techniques.


A meeting every two weeks, mainly to get to know the Hack42 organization.

Is a hackerspace that was born on 2013 with the purpose  to create a space to have fun, program and play with electronics. They organize different meetings like NodeSchool a workshop for beginner programmers. You can always visit there when it is open, no membership needed. The cool thing about this space is that all members receive a key to the space and as soon as someone enters the PIXEL bar will be open to the public.


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