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These were some  twitters accounts I came across after I added:


Brenno de Winter

After following several Hack/Programmer related twitter accounts.


This channel started following me:twitter.png

The related website is this:


SHA2017 is a five-day international outdoor technology and security conference in the Netherlands from the 4th till the 8th of August 2017. We are calling for participation in the form of talks, workshops, installations, volunteers, and more

A motley bunch of around 5000 hackers, free-thinkers, philosophers, activists, geeks, scientists, artists, makers, creative minds, and others will convene from all over the world to contemplate, reflect, share, discuss, criticise, look ahead, code, build, and more.”

In the event page I found new names of Hack organizations in Holland such as:

‘Hippies from Hell’ and techno-anarchists ‘Hack-tic’. This gives me new grounds to broaden my research from just Anonymous to Hack orginazations who are more straight forward in identity.

I first went after the organization Hippies from Hell. (mainly because of the appealing name)

And stumbled upon this beautiful website:


I was so enthusiastic that I immediately clicked: Join the Chat:

Hippiesfromhell 1.png

Since I had nothing better to do I tried to connect to the IRC server.

When I had a connection I opened the whois option for all users in the list.


Most of them connected via SNT (StudentNetTwente) University of Twente. So the people are students of Twente University or the Internet Connecting of the University is badly protected.

I tried to google to start one of the “realnames” The name Joost van Baal-Illic led to this Linked-in page: (


I also stubbled onto this: (

Joost 90's.png

A complete profile on Joost van Baal-Illic and there I found his email adres:

So I contacted him.

But there was more information yet on the HippiesfromHell website like this helpfull page:

Hippies from Hell Surfin with Dave.png

He put all these Hack related website in a handy list: This link included a guide on how to become a hacker.

annoy activism.png

In the meantime I made the decision to only research two people of this group so I wouldn’t get lost in all the loose ends of the research.

The second “real-name”I chose to research was: “Niels Hatzmann”

This name linked with Gabriella Coleman in her open-source book:

She mentions the HippiesFromHell and Niels Harzmann personally:

My time in the Netherlands, in October 2002, was short but made a lasting impression. The Hippies from Hell were welcoming and helpful.  They also organize the best darn hacker conferences in the world, and a big thanks to them (and all the other volunteers) for putting in so much effort to ensure that others can have an amazing time. Niels Hatzmann was a gracious host, great biking partner, and now good friend. A bulk of my work was with Debian and its developers. I can’t thank these developers enough. Words can’t capture how much I admire the ways in which you have managed to not only produce an operating system (OS) but also a stunningly vibrant online community— a word I rarely use for the Internet, and yet one that absolutely pertains to the case of Debian. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone as well, whether in person; on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), where countless folks have helped me answer questions and get through the many stages of writing and editing

It is nice to see that HippiesFromHell is an active organization that is known internationally. And by Gabriella who does the same sort of research I’m doing only more profoundly and professionally.

So, let’s see what more I can find on this name.

Sadly the mention in the book of Coleman was the only trace. The only other information was about this Africa Eco Racer who shared the same name.

niels dood spoor.png

He put all these Hack related website in a handy list: This link included a guide on how to become a hacker.



Since this was a dead end I could try another name in the list of “real-names”

Lex van Roon

This is where the research got harder for me since almost all information I found on him was very technical. Example:

Sadly there is not much I can do with this information.

So I found these synonyms on the Special thanks page:

“Special thanks to various comments/suggestions/hardware/bug reports from Zarjazz, Bazerka, boojah, meeb, Microbe, morphium, Starman, truff, coekie, qip, soczol, tomaw, the muppets in #rogue”

Halfway the research I noticed that my original subject was Anonymous but, that it’s far more interesting to find a hackers movement that does have a face and is a local one. The movement HippiesFromHell started around 1980 so it has been existing from the beginning of the internet.

The three persons I researched so far have been choosing their public appearance completely different. Where Joost van Baal-Illic chose a very public and personal appearance, Lex van Roon chose a faceless appearance publicly coining himself as hacker. joostvb never publicly commits to this term but made himself very approachable. The only information that I gathered for Lex van Loon points to very technical articles about some difficulties he had.

So, I decided to go futher into the dutch Hack community. Typing the name again landed me on this documentary: “Hippies from Hell” directed by a teacher of de WdKa Inne Poppe.


HFH unleashed the Hack magazine Hacktic in 1989.

Which is available for free at:

hacktic 1st.png


Festival Hacking at the End of the Universe

Another handy book about hacking associated with hfh.



Mathilde µP (Micro-processor)

Mupe keyboard.png

For the HEU Festival she couldn’t take her hudge computer so she took a terminal to the camping and rebuilt her keyboard to one that responds to stones.

Mathilde Mupe

But a far more relevant documentation on Hacking I found at:



The Jargon File there is plenty of information on definitions of hacking, hackers slang, endless reading lists, politics and a lot of other things in relation to Hacking and the Hacker mindset/livestyle. It’s a kind of wikipedia for Hackers and Hacking in general.

Free software

Open source


mac os open BSD

“The Jargon file is created by Eric S Raymond a right-winged hacker.”

says: Joost van Baal the debian man.

Since I lack technical ability I started the course: Learn Python the Hard Way

And I wrote my first working code:



There are 100 tractors available.

There are only 30 rednecks available.

There will be 70 empty tractors today.

We can transport 120.0 hippies today.

We have 90 to carpool today.

We need to put about 3 in each tractor.

Finally I decided to start talking at the IRC server of #hfh


I was happy to find out the friendly attitude of Eveline and Reinout and their willingness to answer my questions.

“We serve to please” -Eveline

Signature of Reinout:


Hier mijn interview vragen:

Is er een Hack-tic van nu te vinden buiten het Darkweb?

the Hackers News –

Hardware Hacking Manual –

Is er moderne vervanging gekomen voor #hfh Meeting? Festivals?

Ja, die is er zeker:

Hackerspaces :

the Pixel bar  : IRC:

security cafe :

FOSDEM Festival:

CCC duitse FOSDEM equivalent. :

Vinden jullie dat er een vervanging nodig is als informatie verstrekker in tijden dat iedereen op het internet zit, zo ja welke?

Betreft veiligheid gegevens absoluut. Daar zijn events als security cafe voor opgericht.

Is er informatie die elke web-gebruiker zou moeten weten?

Gebeurd er nog veel op hack gebied maar minder publiekelijk?



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