Individual interviews


location: his house

organization: Occupy, anonymous


location: Berlijn Cafe Tilburg

organization: Debian

eFeline:  14 February 2017 (coming up)

location: KPN Corporate Market bv.

organization: Hippies From Hell

Carmin Karasic: February 2017 (coming up)

location: Eindhoven

organization: FloodNet


Beanow is a young programmer with strong ideals. After the end of his recent workplace: Tuxxion which worked on a social base and aimed to stay small he,  started to work zzp because he didn’t want to join a huge capitalistic company. He has been using Linux for a couple of years and is very active on the developing part, he has also been involved in Bitcoins development.

He organized the Occupy The Hague camp and had to protect the finance. The camp was for him a very interesting experience with also very bad sides to it, for example there was an occupier who wanted the movements money, so he always had to use his false identity for himself and Occupy to remain safe. There were some very criminal people trying to rob the organization and eventually Occupy had to stop.

He has been active in software and hardware hacking and told me a lot of basics about what a hack is.

In the interview I got some new information that broadened my view on Hackers as a whole even further, It appeared that the NSA has the most employed Hackers of the world. They often go to events as DEFCON to find new employees.

An important and scary operation NSA run was the Stuxnet Virus. First the NSA bought as many zero-days as possible on American and Israeli Hackers  worked together to build the 3 part program. This program sabotaged 10% of all the working centrifuges of the Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization forcing it to resign.

A new learned term for me was “zero-days” which he explained to be information about system deficiencies, he told me that a lot of hackers used this unpublished information to sell to for instance governments or competing companies or, back to the company saying: Heey, I found these error in your coding, if you want to know what I found you can buy this information from me”. They find this information using their technical abilities and distribute or sit on this information. I asked him if he ever found zero-days and he told me he did but, that he had no purpose of selling those kinds of things, he usually sends the company a friendly warning on their website or so, this is not something companies are very happy with.

Companies/Organizations he hates:

Google, NSA, Apple, Facebook, Whattsap

joostvb  “The Debian Man”


Since visiting their webpage I discovered you could connect to their open IRC Channel.

So I did.  As I was a bit nervous to say anything on the chat so  I emailed the first person in the list: Joost van Baal-Illic. He responded and agreed to meet up with me in Tilburg in the Berlin Café.

He was originally a mathematician who on later age started programming and is very active in the debian community. He started programming with a language called: pascal (and hated it) but later learned: java, perl and C++ that he did enjoy.

I learned a lot more on how I should not predict the outcome of a research. I met up with him already convinced there were no new Hacking event alternatives. So half of my pre prepared questions became useless.

I asked him about the hfh since he was listed in the IRC and he replied that he just joined a few months ago. But he could tell me there are no more meetings organized by the Hippies From Hell, it is mainly the IRC where they connect. But there are still a lot of events for Hackers nowadays like: PIXEL-bar and After our meeting he keeps me actively updated on upcoming Hack events and giving handy tips about using the IRC (some handy functions that could help me use the #hfh IRC better.)

Hated companies: Apple, FOX-IT, Google, Facebook


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